The Good Girl Revolution

What Makes This Book Different

  1. A variety of major media outlets are now documenting a trend: teens preferring more wholesome role models and more conservative fashion choices, despite the exhibitionism paraded before them. What is this about? For the first time in The Good Girl Revolution, we hear from the young women at the frontlines of this counter-sexual revolution, based on over 100 in-depth interviews the author conducted with young women, ages 12 to 28.
  2. Wendy Shalit advocates returning to a single high standard for women and for men, instead of letting men off the hook or pressuring young women to imitate the most adolescent males in order to be “empowered.”
  3. The Good Girl Revolution details the shocking sexual advice roundly given out by Boomer parents and on websites purporting to help teens, and challenges us to rethink the entire way we approach sexuality--for teens and for adults.
  4. Although society sees the good girl as “mild,” repressed, or a “people-pleaser," this book shows that nowadays, the “pleasers” and the repressed girls are more often those who stifle their emotions. Society’s new expectation that they be jaded and “bad” is actually a much more oppressive script than the old expectation that girls be good, Shalit argues.
  5. Also for the first time, in The Good Girl Revolution, we hear from the youngest feminists--teenagers who, the author says, belong to a “fourth wave” of feminists who are not finding their place in today’s third-wave feminist establishment. They are more likely to want to fight pornography than to star in it, and they look to the original feminists who believed in dignity rather than to today’s feminists leaders who encourage them to embrace their “shadow slut.”
  6. Breaking from standard theories about the increase in girls’ aggression, The Good Girl Revolution documents how adults are advocating the “bitch” as an “empowering” ideal, and how young women are both damaged by this new ideal and increasingly at odds with it.
  7. The Good Girl Revolution contains great advice culled from teenagers who are real leaders and are personally happy and successful.


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Notable and Quotable

"Well-meaning experts and parents say that they understand kids' wanting to be 'bad' instead of 'good.' Yet this reversal of adults' expectations is often experienced not as a gift of freedom but a new kind of oppression."

— From The Good Girl Revolution