The Good Girl Revolution


from Dr. Mayim Bialik, department of neuroscience at UCLA and former Blossom star:

"The Good Girl Revolution is a work of art. Wendy Shalit single-handedly transforms the way we view sexuality, and she is outrageously right-on. This is a book celebrating what women truly are and can be: loved, loving, strong, and complex. Shalit gives voice to the yearning of millions of women to be truly free from the bondage of misinterpreted feminism. Shalit is a woman of high intellect, yet her arguments are witty, hip and logically presented (and she is also truly very funny!) making The Good Girl Revolution accessible and profound for young and mature reader alike. ... I only wish I had read this book ten or fifteen years ago, for Shalit has comforted me and so many others by detailing the wave of rebellious goodness that is sure to take hold the world over—largely thanks to her!"  

from Dr. Patricia Dalton, clinical psychologist in practice in Washington, D.C.:

"When Wendy Shalit wrote A Return To Modesty at the age of twenty-three, it seemed amazing that someone so young could be so wise and original in her thinking. In the book, she addressed the downside of the changes the sexual revolution has brought to our culture and to college life, and argued that modesty can be a choice based on a solid sense of self rather than a retro and tired female custom.

Now her first book also appears prescient; in 1999, she knew which way the cultural winds were blowing. Since that time, the sleaze factor in our culture has worsened in ways about which numbers of people now express dismay.

In The Good Girl Revolution, Shalit sees clearly through the junk culture and just where it is leading young girls and women. This book carries a disquieting message about the messages that television, movies, magazines, schools, and even parents sometimes give to girls. But mothers and fathers ignore or discount these concerns at their peril--most of all at the peril of their daughters.

Wendy Shalit draws on common sense and hers is clearly a voice to be reckoned with. But she has also documented voices of real girls who are raising important questions about the culture around them. Many of these individual girls are taking action to counter this prevailing culture--putting a new slant on counter-cultural!

The Good Girl Revolution profiles girls and young women who think for themselves. They are proud of who and what they are, and are making the choices that will allow them to continue to feel this way."


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Notable and Quotable

Wendy Shalit, on why tweens shouldn't have to look "sexy":  

"There is no longer any mystery or power to sex--it is just expected that everything will be sexual, and so nothing is. There is nothing to wait for, or to look forward to."