The Good Girl Revolution

Sacramento Bee writes about "Britney backlash"

Cynthia Hubert writes in the Sacramento Bee:

[...] according to a new book, North America is witnessing the beginnings of a Britney backlash, a return to a less-promiscuous, more innocent time.

Wendy Shalit makes a case for this youth-led rebellion in her book "Girls Gone Mild" (Random House, $25.95, 352 pages).

"The one thing I heard over and over," she writes, "was how desperate they were for a new set of role models," ones who dress less provocatively, mind their manners and insist on being virgins until marriage.

The book "is about my search for an alternative to our 'Girls Gone Wild' culture," she says via e-mail.

"I want to put the focus on girls who are doing great things beyond just flashing their bodies for strangers."



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Notable and Quotable

"The steamy days of Washington summer may be upon us, but these girls, all from Burke, were definitely not getting skimpy. For a generation bombarded with news of pantyless celebrities, most of the girls we interviewed were surprisingly modest, more Hilary Duff than Lindsay Lohan."

-- Ylan Q. Mui, 'It's Not Just Parents Saying No to Skimpy Clothes,' Washington Post, June 4, '07