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Radio Ritas Interview

07/26/2007 - 07:45
07/26/2007 - 08:00

The Radio Ritas” is a nationally syndicated morning talk radio program hosted by Maureen Langan and Diane Dimond, on GreenStone Media. GreenStone Media is the only national radio network owned by women. Founded by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and a high powered group of women, GreenStone is designed to offer what is missing in talk today – radio that is thought-provoking, emotionally involving, believable and trustworthy.

The Radio Ritas can be heard nationally online at or on, and locally on the following stations: WNSH 1570 AM - Boston, Massachusetts, WGVC 106.3 FM – Greenville, South Carolina, WIIN 780 AM – Jackson, Mississippi, WEEV 1300 AM – Albany, New York, WDLT 660 AM – Mobile, Alabama, WJOB 1230 AM - Hammond, Indiana, WTWK 1070 AM - Burlington, Vermont.


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Notable and Quotable

"Wendy Shalit’s first book, A Return to Modesty. . . created a storm when it was published nine years ago but whose influence can be detected in today’s campus chastity clubs, including here at Harvard. As a veteran of pro-sex feminism who still endorses pornography and prostitution, I say more power to all these chaste young women who are defending their individuality and defying groupthink and social convention. That is true feminism!"

— Camille Paglia, Harvard Feminism Conference Keynote, April 10 2008