The Good Girl Revolution

Wendy Shalit Lecture at the Toronto Jewish Book Fair

What: A talk about the new role models and reclaiming feminism, with book signing to follow
When: 8PM, Sunday November 11th
Where: Toronto's Leah Posluns Theatre, next to the Bathurst Jewish Community Center on 4588 Bathurst St.
Cost: Adults $10--all proceeds to benefit the Koffler Centre of the Arts--but students admitted FREE. Tickets available at the door
Age: There will be some mature material in the talk, so it is not appropriate for those under 16


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"The steamy days of Washington summer may be upon us, but these girls, all from Burke, were definitely not getting skimpy. For a generation bombarded with news of pantyless celebrities, most of the girls we interviewed were surprisingly modest, more Hilary Duff than Lindsay Lohan."

-- Ylan Q. Mui, 'It's Not Just Parents Saying No to Skimpy Clothes,' Washington Post, June 4, '07