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Sexually Free

I am a libertine. I read the first chapter of your book (available on your website) and loved it. I’m really more of the “bad-girl” you described, but I feel that the whos and hows my sex life are personal and shouldn’t be applied to all women. There is room in the world for all types in this spectrum. The young women you support through your writing need to hear your message. The more open, honest discussion we can have on the subject, the better off we all are. Sexual freedom really is about self-determination and tolerance of others' choices.

Not All Boomers are Wild!

Hi Wendy; I just finished your book and I had to write you.
I am a 59 year old woman. I have only slept with 3 men - 2 were my
husbands, and 1 inbetween whom I thought I was in love with.
I used to think I was some kind of freak because so many of my friends
slept around and I just couldn't do it. As I got older, I realized that I
was handling sexual relationships in a positive way, and I have never been
ashamed of that. I never understood how someone could have sex with
someone they were not in a committed relationship with. I didn't
understand, and still don't, how a woman could get sexual gratification
that way. I love sex, but only with a man I love. Thinking about having
sex with a stranger gives me the creeps.
I have been so disheartened by the sexual activity of our young women. Your book has given me hope that there are young women out there who value
themselves and who will experience sex for the ecstatic union it can be
rather than use their bodies as a tool for eventual misery.
Thank you so much for your book and your website. By bringing this
information to the forefront, more young women will see that there are
better choices to be made.



I can't express how much praise I have for you and your books. I am so glad you wrote this book. I am even happier that you are going to speak at my college- Fordham University in a couple of weeks! You are guaranteed to blow the school away with your brillant thoughts. Fordham University is guaranteed to never be the same. The world needs more people like you,Wendy. It's because of women like you that change is made to society.

Thought of You

There is a wonderful article in today's WSJ written by Jeff Zaslow about girls and dances....that leads into just what you are saying.

Wendy, I'm so glad to know that someone is finally speaking up and teaching the girls that behaving actually makes them MORE desirable!

I met you in Pittsburgh - 2 of my daughters were with me at your talk. Hope you traveled well!

Hear, Hear!

Dear Wendy, I just finished reading your book and I must say that I was utterly blown away. I was expecting a rather emotion-based book with lots of Biblical one-liners telling me why I should be er...mild. But instead I found a book that was beautifully researched and so well written it made my eyes water! I'd go on with my honest praise (this is no flattery post!) but I think I'd probably just repeat what so many others have already said. So with that I'll say to those who have spoken so positively of your book: HEAR, HEAR! God bless and thanks for having the guts to write your book!!!!

Girls Gone Mild

I heard you on the Radio factor with Bill O'Reilly today. I find you quite refreshing. I get so tired of all the objectification of women from playboy to girls gone wild. It's nice to know someone thinks like me.

Girls Gone Mild

I heard you on the Radio factor with Bill O'Reilly today. I find you quite refreshing. I get so tired of all the objectification of women from playboy to girls gone wild. It's nice to know someone thinks like me.

Who Do You Want to Attract?

I've been studying relationship dynamics for 3 years now and it's Critical that girls understand guys. If you 'market' yourself as a 'hottie' it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. You will have highly confident and socially aggressive guys aproaching and running their games on you. They are manipulative and will treat you with disrespect or abandonment after they get what their after. On the other hand; if you show self-respect and dress demurely, you won't be regarded as a 'conquest', you'll be regarded as a 'keeper'. The guys demonstrating interest in you will see you as a long-term prospect and will be as interested in emotional bonding with you as much or more then physical bonding. These kinds of guys are more mature, goal-oriented and have far better long-term aspirations and aquisitions then guys that live to seduce and score women. I hope this helps; I applaud the author of this wonderful work. JGM

Not all 'highly confident

Not all 'highly confident and socially aggressive' men are manipulative.

Kudos for Girls Gone Mild

As the mother of a 12 year old young woman I'm always looking for things to broaden my perspective.

The title of this book caught my eye as I browsed the shelf at the library. I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but what I see passing as acceptable behavior in 7th grade is a little scary - dating at 12 years old and without supervision, mother's promoting the whole 'hottie' thing. It's really beyond my comprehension.

I want my girl to be well educated, happy, healthy and "cute" that's her choice) but we have our limits - and standards.

I'm glad to see a young woman writing about this topic in such a readable and interesting way.

Thanks again for your book.

Margaret Cooley
Columbus, OH

Have you seen the TV show

Have you seen the TV show "Pushing Daisies" on abc? (you can watch it on It's about a relationship between a man and a woman, who due to a complex premise, can't touch.

Girls Gone Mild

Dear Wendy,
I read Kathryn Jean Lopez's review of your book "Girls Gone Mild:..." in the October 8th 2007 issue of "National Review" and am so happy I did. You spoke for me and I think for millions of young women and men who have been ignored and/or exploited. Thank you for writing the book. Our society is hungry for it. CONGRATULATIONS and BRAVA ! My best to you.


Its great to see in this day and age that there still some who have moral values.
Thanks, I have linked you to our website and also liked some of the links on your home page to our site (Modesty Zone etc).
Our site is a Christian resources website hosted by SATS, a South African Theological College, and I'm always looking for good sites for teens.
Mike Guest
Christian Lounge

Girls Gone Mild

Wendy, Congratulations! You've done it again. Girls Gone Mild is an excellent and important book, and I've recommended it so often that someone asked me if I'm receiving a percentage of the profits. No! But the more books you sell, the more we'll ALL benefit. Thank you for reminding us that freedom to do something is also freedom NOT to. Great job.

Thanks for what you are doing!

Wendy, I am in an adolescnece class in college, and as an assignment we were asked to read chapter one. I was so happy to find out what it is about and so thankful that someone is trying to truly take a stand for this cause. I couldn't agree more with the problem we have in society today and am so refreshed knowing that there are other girls out there who also still believe in romance and in standing up for ourselves and what we want and believe in. I will be spreading the word about this book the best I can, and am ordering my own copy right now. I really think it would be great if you also made a myspace profile to get the word out there even more. I certainly know I would help support and promote it! Thanks for what you are doing!


Wendy, I was happy in my early twenties when I found Return to Modesty. I've been even happier this year with Ariel Levy's book and then Girls Gone Mild! I live in Portland, OR which supposedly has more strip clubs per capita than any other US city (female strip clubs, of course). My husband heard you and Levy interviewed on NPR and I went out and got both books to circulate amongst friends and co-workers. I have been really upset over the past decade at the messages that are so pervasive in our culture, especially when they are touted by women who identify as feminists. I have something to say about that: Exhibitionism and crassness have not done anything to create healthier relationships or a safer society for women. Call it hedonism, call it "having fun", call it whatever the hell you want- just don't call it Feminism! It's easy to get discouraged but I'm so excited to read your accounts of young people who are using their voice and courage to rebel against the current state of things and promote a different view.

Benefactors for breasts

Today I was reading a magazine and came across an article in regards to a website where women can write and post pictures of themselves and men sign up as benefactors and give donations to help women get boob jobs?!!! I went on to the sight and am speechless - women thanking their wonderful benefactors for the donations - as one women says "hooterville here I come" and another comments "I am almost at my goal and soon I will have big boobies and you won't be able to take your eyes off me lol!!" the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Perhaps these men (benefactors) could donate their money to children starving in third world countries, how about to the cure for diabetes or the stroke and heart foundation ....or to women who have lost their breasts to cancer and need reconstructive surgery - Once again women putting themselves in positions where men can feel like they own them (or should I say a piece of them) I think we've finally hit rock bottom!!!

And who said that kindness

And who said that kindness was scarce ?!?

"No Big Deal"

I am currently a junior in high school and I am all too aware of the crisis in which today's teenage girls now find themselves. Let me preface this by saying that I was not raised in a highly traditional household or forced to have these views by my parents, but that I came to them by my own decision because of what I've seen with my peers. Girls today are being told by many different sources- whether it be friends, boyfriends, teachers, TV, books,magazines, and even parents- that they should adopt the "No Big Deal" attitude. The more detached you can be from your sexuality, the cooler you are. If you don't go to parties and "hook up" all the time, then you are (by society's standards) missing out on a large portion of the "high school experience." Since when did the "high school experience" entail ruining your life with meaningless flings and drinking until you pass out? Why is this such a valuable part of our culture? Why is this lifestyle idealized by 98% of the teenage population? I have felt increasingly alienated from my peers because I decided from an early age that I would never partake in that lifestyle. Teenage girls are suffering from an extreme form of degradation masquerading as feminism. It is not "liberating" to give yourself to any guy, any time, anywhere. When will teenage girls start to realize that this new trend in relationships (or lack thereof) is totally stacked in favor of the guys? The media is trying to convince us that it's a good idea to sleep around, that we shouldn't care if he calls back, and that this is a good idea. It causes romance to be a thing of myth; a thing of the past. intimacy has become cheapened by how available it is. I am so sad that the girls who I know claim to be "just having fun" when in fact they are all suffering from extreme lack of self-worth. This new form of "feminism" where promiscuity= freedom is not what the women at Seneca Falls wanted. They were fighting for the empowerment of women, which this most certainly is not.
Wendy, you're my hero! Never let anything get in the way of your message.
-Amanda, age 16

an inspiration

Wow Amanda, you are an inspiration to every girl out there, you are so articulate and intelligent and will go a long way, much kudos to you :-)

fashion show

HI! I am interested in having a fashion show in my neighborhood.
Please email me to let me know more information.Loved the artical in Newsweek. Great job. Faige M.

Thank you!

Author, thank you!


I just found you and not a minute too soon. I have to say I was so excited and relieved to find you, Wendy, and this community dedicated to exposing our "deformed sexual culture" (I borrowed that from another comment, but I couldn't have put it better myself). This is the beginning of many conversations I plan on having with my fiance, my mother and the ridiculous number of amazing men and women in my life who are as confused as I am about sex, love and relationships. Can't wait to read the whole book. THANK YOU for speaking out and bringing these crucial sentiments to life!

Girls Gone Mild

Wendy, here's a standing ovation for your new book. You are announcing for all of the broken and deceived young ladies, who think they have no choice but to give their bodies away, to hear: "The emperor has no clothes!"
I couldn't help but wonder if you have taken the time to look into John Paul II's writings on the Theology of the Body or Christopher West's work making this profound philisophical work accessible to the average person. This work only confirms and gives deeper philosophical underpinning for everything you observe in your book. A fully actualized human being must be integrated: body, mind, heart, and spirit, all of his components functioning harmoniously. When one attempts to separate the body from the heart or the mind he/she become disintegrated. No wonder women are distraught when they follow the culture's advice to separate their body from their heart in casual sex. Being disintegrated should be painful!
See some of Christopher West's writings at One of the most enlightening ideas I have gleaned from Christopher West is the distinction between puritanism (which, in its negativity, fueled the sexual revolution) and a positive purity (which celebrates the beauty and goodness of the body and sex). A quick explanation of this point can be seen in his article, Hugh Hefner's Longing for Love, at
Of course John Paul II's and Christopher West's work come from a Catholic Christian perspective, but as your book wisely demonstrates in it's deliberate lack of faith-based arguments, truth is truth, common sense is common sense! While God has been advising man about his sexual behavior for thousands of years, human reason, at its finest and without any agendas, will ultimately come to the same conclusions as God has. Perhaps it has taken the experimentation of the sexual revolution and its devasting physical, emotional, and cultural consequences, to show that God is not a repressed celestial killjoy, but that he was actually using good sociology and psychology in suggesting that we save our bodies for committed monogamous relationships with the opposite sex. (He ought to know what would be best for us; after all he made us.) Faith, truth, and reason, ultimately, cannot conflict. Your book does an excellent job of using human reason to demonstrate (while not overtly) that what God has been saying all along was right!
Keep up the awesome work! You, yourself, are one of the role models you say that girls need!

Overexposed is not Sexy

Real men do not look at the over-exposed look as sexy. We just see it as slutty. Most guys like to look at it but, we really wouldn't want our wives/girlfriends or daughters walking around like that. It's embarrassing to us to be in public with a woman dressed provocatively. A woman can be sexy without the tight clothing or too much skin showing. That's what real men are attacted to.

Wendy, I just heard you on

Wendy, I just heard you on CFRA today! You are extremely well spoken and I am so happy that you are taking the stand that you are. My mother bought me your book because I have three young daughters and I am quite concerned about the way society is headed. My biggest concern is that the Ontario government has apparently approved a plan to vaccinate our young children against STD's despite the serious side effects. This is nothing but twisted and I thank God for people such as yourself speaking out against this sexually deformed culture. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your book.

Thank you!

Wendy, thank you so much for your book, 'Modesty, discovering the lost virtue' I never liked showing my cleavage, and now I've been wearing skirts more than trousers where I can, but your book gave me courage! (which you really need as a nineteen year old who doesn't dress provocatively, and has never even had a boyfriend) One question though, someone commenting further up mentioned you have links to clothing sites...where are they? I couldn't find them.

Thanks again for your book and blog!


Yes. Courage is a beautiful thing. You're right, it does take a lot of courage. I, too, was once nineteen and had never had a boyfriend.

Now I'm twenty-five and have never had a boyfriend! But I'm noticing more and more that men really respect me a lot. I think it's partly because of the way I dress (long skirts) and partly because of how I act (I like men and show a lot of appreciation for nice things they do for me).

I've attracted, I realize, some pretty amazing men to my side. They are loyal, dependable, kind, and they adore me and would do pretty much anything for me. I just forget that sometimes when I am busy beating myself up for not having a "real boyfriend."

Don't give up! Be true to yourself! There are people who will love you for who you really are. They are gentlemen, and they will worship the ground you walk on because you deserve it for being you.

You guys are great!

I am watching you right now on the Morning Show and I wanted to tell you that what you are doing is amazing. I graduated a virgin, I was always dressing more modest than other people. I think its amazing thing what you are doing. I got a lot of crap for being down to earth, and now I am 21 years old, married and my husband and I have only ever been with each other. I am one of the only people from my high school to not have a kid yet and I just think its great. Its hard at the time, but the benefits are well worth it!

Keep it up!

Wendy, I just saw your interview an hour ago on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Way to go! Thanks for empowering girls to stand up for what they believe. I have a 12 year old daughter whose favorite shirt says "Modest is Hottest." I'm sure she will enjoy your book as well as your website. It is especially wonderful to find more resources for clothing, bathsuits, etc. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for speaking up!

I am watching your interview on "The Morning Show" and I am so glad you can think on your feet and get the topic back to your beliefs! I am getting so frustrated with the personal attacks on the girls up there! When I found out my last child was a girl, I CRIED! You know why? Because I saw my 8 year old niece growing up in a world of tighter, shorter, sexier, and I was afraid of putting my self in a position where I was going to have to say "No!" My daughter is 5 years old and now I feel much more prepared and I am careful what she is allowed to see, listen to and wear. I also teach middle school girls at church and I can definitely see a difference in those girls than the secular girls I knew earlier. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look attractive, pretty, etc, but there are ways to go overboard in that department to attract the WRONG attention.
I can't wait to buy your book and hopefully I can refer my middle school girls to it!
Thanks again!

Thank you!

This is so great! I haven't read your book yet, just heard about it yesterday, but am so looking forward to reading it. I am 32 and waited until I was married because of my Christian beliefs. And let me tell you, people think I'm some kind of nut, my friends and I have been called repressed and worse.
I am horrified by the stuff I see young girls wearing and playing with (Bratz, etc) today and I thank you so much for being a voice of sanity!

God bless!

The Real Feminists

Wendy, I recently read a review of your book in a local paper and was very interested. It mentioned some of the criticism and insults you received from so-called "feminists" as a result of your first book. It occurred to me how ironic it is that feminists today think that "acting like a man" by lowering your moral standards is empowering. I have a book about Susan B. Anthony and the Suffragettes that explains how that movement was started by women who had originally been involved in the Temperance movement. They did not believe that women should have the right to vote because they were equal to men and should act like men. They believed that we were made with different strengths and weaknesses. They believed that while men might be physically stronger (and could therefore protect us from physical harm), women were generally morally stronger, and as such, should be a good influence on men to protect them from immoral behavior (in that case, drinking). They recognized that we all needed to have a voice in order for there to be balance in our world, and they risked everything to give us that voice. So, in my book, women like you are the real feminists - women who are brave enough to stand up to criticism and opposition to speak the truth and inspire us all to be better people. Keep up the good work.

Trusting Our Inner Voice

Wendy, you are really voicing so much of what others experience. At the time/or in the moment, it is difficult to stand far enough back from their own personal experiences to see the situation objectively and for the absurdity as to how they were made to feel. It isn't until we read about ourselves on the pages of your book that a voice cries out..."oh my gosh that's (was) me!!!"

It is the same voice that we forced to take a back seat in the corner of our mind when crossing lines we deep down really did not want to cross. It is so sad that we have trained generations of women to not be able to trust and listen to their inner voices, and in an effort to raise the bar of empowerment, we have actually lowered it so much it falls off the dignity reminds me of a story.

When I was in high school (senior year?) I hung out in a group of guys and girls. One of the guys in the group, a handsome fellow was seeing someone in particular. However, every so often, he would escort a different girl on an outing with us. Being a little slow to catch on I kept asking about the regular girl...the one he was supposed to be dating. I got nudges and elbowed to keep quiet...clearly he was not being honest/faithful. However what was even more enraging, was how this group was trying to protect -- him! At one point his 'girlfriend'' we will call her Kate and He - Greg. Kate's best friend saw Greg at the movies with another girl (surprise, surprise - how many people did he think would cover up for him) kate's bestfriend told her," I saw Greg - your boyfriend out with another girl last night and they were clearly not platonic"....Kate confronted Greg with this information at which point he promptly and plain facedly denied it was true. He then turned the entire situation around and was hurt and insulted by the lack of trust, false accusations....blah blah. He got kate to somehow believe that she could not trust the ulterior motives of her BEST FRIEND (who obviously did not know the rules of the "game") and it was either the bestfriend or him.... Kate took a few days to think about this and then she DROVE TO HIS PLACE OF WORK AND APOLOGIZED TO HIM (in front of his co-workers) FOR HER LACK OF TRUST AND ASKED HIM TO FORGIVE HER!!! Which he agreed to do (forgive her - the nice guy that he was).

When I heard this...I was beside myself. The next weekend I saw Kate and Greg arm in arm...everyone was pretending like everything was normal - but to me, Kate looked so pitiful. Everyone in the room knew Greg cheated on her regularly, everyone knew she was living a lie and everyone played the game...except for one soon to be very unpopular girl - me. Standing in the kitchen, Greg approached me and smiled. As he reached for his beer, I whispered in his ear that if he thinks I will play this game and lie and cover up for him he is off his rocker. I will never cover up for him EVER. THE GAME IS OVER! He responded with some profanities - of which I will spare you. I never did see Kate again and I am not sure why, however, I doubt that Kate's inner voice did not try to convince her that Greg was bad news, or that she deserved more/better.

Beyond the Low Standard

Having attended university in the mid 80's, I minored in Women's Studies and got to be close friends with many of the young women in my area of study. After I graduated I traveled overseas for a year and upon my return arranged to get together with one of my friends from school. During the course of our conversation, she was "updating" me as to what was new since my departure. She informed me that a few of the women we both knew had "come out of the closet" and were openly 'gay/lesbian'.
I asked her, "do they seem happier now?"
My friend hesitated, "happy"? She was not sure. However she did add that "these women in particular seemed very promiscuous and were all cheating on each other...dumping, etc" (something to that effect)
I looked at her in surprise and exclaimed, "that's terrible!"
My friend was confused by my reaction, "why is that terrible? At least it's women hurting women and not men doing it to women!"
I was totally taken aback -- "Are you listening to yourself speak? Is that supposed to be PROGRESS? Women hurting women, instead of men hurting women? If that is all we can claim, then I'm sorry, in my mind we have not moved ahead...we moved backwards!!!"
This story is 100% true...after which I promptly picked up the telephone, called the travel agent and booked myself for a second year in Yeshiva in Israel!
Just by way of interest - what prompted my first call to the travel agent a year before....many things - but this was the straw that broke the camel's back (so to speak):
I was working in a group home for preteen kids (co-ed of course) who came from highly dysfunctional families. (Nothing like putting 6 sexually abused and sexually acting out teens under one roof - duh) One afternoon I was in the laundry room, doing the laundry (a likely place) when I heard the kids (boys) go completely wild in the family/TV room adjacent the laundry room. They were screaming, laughing, banging on the walls, doing sommersaults on the couch...I ran in there not knowing what to expect. Playing on the TV was a taped episode from "Wide World of Wrestling." Two men were facing each other in a tiny ring surrounded by literally thousands (tens of thousands) of screaming and excited fans. Being a complete neophite about wrestling, I still could not figure out what was EVERYONE going so crazy about. On closer look, it hit of the fighters had the face of his opponents wife air brushed (in tremendous detail) onto his skin tight boxer shorts and was making her face do all kinds of things to him as he erotically moved around on stage in his corner of the ring. I'll leave it up to the imagination. True, this was a very creative incitement tactic on his behalf...however, I could not erase the scene of the camera SLOWLYpanning the stadium that night and the thousands of people who were cheering and loving this that moment, I looked up, looked at these adolescent boys, then back to the TV and then back to the boys and thought, "Am I the only person on the face of the planet that thinks this is utterly sick and disgusting? It would seem so."
It was a little emotional, but, after I ripped the video out of the TV and sentenced everyone to their respective rooms ...i got home that night and booked my trip to Israel.

Hi Rhonda, I can relate to

Hi Rhonda, I can relate to your disgust.. I really used to think that we all ( as a human race ) shared the same deep feelings on things like that but for a while now I have serious doubts, the world at large has very little respect for decency and grace. I always think of those cases of people raised by chickens and wolves who can only act like chickens or wolves sad cases but maybe indicative of the nature of societal influence. Bring back the sacred and the holy, I'd rather have that any day than the cringe worthy and extremely creepy world of Americas west. It's no wonder Americans have a hard time understanding Modesty really from what they are encouraged to base their lives on... I hope that enough people find the answer in their own lives...

Respect the specific !

I would like to quote Allen Ginsberg here as I think
it aptly sums up my thoughts regarding the much feared topic of modesty in society today
"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by
madness, starving hysterical naked"

I hope that Wendy's message of sanity reaches those who truly feel the need to base their lives on something real and realise their specific part to play as living intelligently is something that needs to be constantly addressed and not bought from a witch doctors shelf or a mimicry of the "empowered" poster girl on the magazine cover in the hope that the feeling of power will rub off. Often times just the knowledge of the ability to question is the key...
Thanks... Keep writing :)

Great philosophy for girls and women!

I heard your interview on WPR today and really enjoyed it. I am a high school teacher in Wisconsin, and I constantly see girls attempting to get attention by degrading themselves (skimpy clothes, visible thongs, overt sexuality). I will read your book and share it with my colleagues and students. I will also share it with my friends in grad school; I think they will be extremely interested in what you have to say. Thank you!

general comment to Wendy

THANK GOD FOR WENDY SHALIT! I am a Father of 5, 3 of which are girls, and Grandfather of 4, 3 of which are girls. Where were you when I was raising them with my wife of 41 years??????
No, it's not too late - those grandkids are growing fast. We're from Milwaukee too; my wife and I went to the same Catholic grade school in Bay View on the South Side and moved to New Jersey in 1976. Yes we have 5 kids and it wasn't fun raising them in this immoral world. Our comments and dictates to our kids were seen as "hokey" and "not-with-it" and "prudish & stupid".
MANY times my girls were angry because I wouldn't let them leave the house dressed as "advertising for sex". I said, "if you ask for'll get it...and you won't be happy".
I'm passing your web address to my oldest granddaughter who is 19. The next oldest is 6 so we have time to save her and the others with your help. GOD BLESS YOU FOR STEPPING FORWARD. Jerry


As a 38 year old mother of two children - one a girl - who is turning eleven next month I want to thank you for your book and website.

It makes me so sad that young girls today feel they have to find self worth and acceptance by being overtly sexual. With magazines like FHM, MAXIM, and STUFF teaching boys/men that women are nothing more than their breast size and articles such as "how to score in 10 easy steps" and Girls Gone Wild video being mainstream and acceptable.....its no wonder the young women of today are in such a state.

I attended a Motley Crue concert with my husband where Tommy Lee walked around with a hand held camera and women bared their breasts which was put onto the big screens in the arena - both men and women were chanting - almost frenzied like for them "to show your tits!!" I felt sick.

I only hope I can teach/help my daughter to feel secure enough with herself to know she is more than her weight, more than her cup size, more than her looks - she can be anything she wants to be - her worth comes from her intellegence, her compassion, her honesty......she is whats on the inside and can find fullfillment in how she treats and values others and never has to sell her self short. She can feel pride in the fact she doesn't need to dress provocativly and respect her body/herself.

Thank you again.

What a wonderful idea, I'm happy that I found this Blog !

Wendy, what you are doing is just fantastic, I celebrate your attitude
towards life ! You really show character and @ the same time you girls became role models for a new wave of girls that think & feel the same way.
I'm a foster mother, and have had many little girls in my home and always try to teach them the best of life, hat good values are essentials in my interaction with these little girls,your book is going to be a great tool in my life !

I love it :)

I love the idea your going with
it's really cool how you're making a statement
by dressing modestly...modest is the hottest :)

Girls Gone Mild

I first heard you being interviewed on the Laura Ingram Show a few weeks ago--I just want to thank you for what you are trying to do to help young women to live a modest life and become the true individual each of them is meant to be --I own a bed and breakfast in Columbus, Ms. and often help with weddings and receptions--the deterioration of the old fashion values and the beauty of tradition in ceremonial events is in peril--thank you for what you are trying to do to help the young people of this generation. Brenda Caradine

Value yourself

I am so glad to read that there are women out there just like me who are sick and tired of seeing women walking around with skin tight clothing on thinking that it's "sexy". What a lot of these girls/women who wear these clothes may or may not be aware of is that by wearing these types of clothes you are essentially advertising yourself in a very negative light.

It's like I say- there's a fine line between sexy and slutty and once that line is crossed, your on the other end. You don't have to have half of your body exposed, hanging out, etc to be sexy. Sexiness comes from within- not from looking like and or behaving like a prostitute!

"Girl power" means to value yourself and to just say "ENOUGH"!

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Very good post, thanks a lot.

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"The steamy days of Washington summer may be upon us, but these girls, all from Burke, were definitely not getting skimpy. For a generation bombarded with news of pantyless celebrities, most of the girls we interviewed were surprisingly modest, more Hilary Duff than Lindsay Lohan."

-- Ylan Q. Mui, 'It's Not Just Parents Saying No to Skimpy Clothes,' Washington Post, June 4, '07