The Good Girl Revolution


Thursday November 1, 2007
Sunday November 11, 2007
Start: 20:00
End: 21:00

Jewish Book Fair, Koffler Centre of the Arts,
4588 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON M2R 1W6
Cost: $10

Book signing to follow.

Open to the general public -- everyone welcome. 

416.636.1880 EXT 368 


Tuesday November 13, 2007
Start: 17:00
End: 19:00


Ethics and Public Policy Center
1015 15th ST, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

college campuses across the country report rising numbers of sexual
assaults, date rapes, and sexually-transmitted infections. And there is
reason to believe the "hook up" culture -- the prevalence of sexual
activity with "no strings attached" -- is affecting students’ mental

Wednesday November 28, 2007
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

Details to follow.

Thursday December 6, 2007
Tuesday January 29, 2008
Start: 08:30
End: 10:00

Bethesda, Maryland.  

Details to follow.

Saturday March 1, 2008
Start: 00:00

Look for Wendy in the March 2008 issue of CosmoGIRL, in a story about young girls, sexuality, and the media.

Link to follow.

Friday April 11, 2008
Start: 00:15
End: 10:45

Wendy will speak on the  "Sex and the Modern Girl" panel at Harvard University,  at the  CGIS SOUTH BUILDING which is on 1730 CAMBRIDGE STREET.  Co-panelists include Katie Roiphe and Dan Kindlon. 

Sunday May 4, 2008
Start: 14:00
End: 16:00

Over 650 people are expected to attend.

More details to follow.

Thursday July 24, 2008
Start: 08:05
End: 08:45

Wendy will appear on Bill Bennett's live radio show, "Morning In America" for three segments and take calls from listeners. 

 Highlights from the show are still available here.



Sunday July 27, 2008
Start: 00:15

Wendy will chat with Dave Gordon and take calls from listeners on Sunday night.

More info on Dave's show can be found at the Radio link at

Monday July 28, 2008
Start: 08:38
End: 08:50

Wendy will join Family Net for an interview on July 28th; Check out podcasts and guests at

Thursday July 31, 2008
Start: 09:05
End: 09:30

station CHQR in Calgary; learn more about the show and hear the Podcast here

Friday August 1, 2008
Start: 09:05
End: 09:25

Wendy joins Relevant Radio for an interview on their "Morning Air" program.

"Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Everyday Life"--Listen on-line at:

Sunday August 3, 2008
Start: 02:30
End: 02:45

Interview with Arlene Bynon on 640 Toronto Radio--find out more about the show here.

Monday August 4, 2008
Start: 09:00
End: 09:35

630 CHED in Edmonton; listen online here

Wednesday August 6, 2008
Start: 05:30
End: 06:00

On Thursday, Wendy will talk with Christy Clark for her radio show based in Vancouver.  If you missed the broadcast, past shows are available here.

Tuesday August 26, 2008
Start: 20:00
End: 21:00

Wendy joins Mitchel Raphael, Capital Diary Columnist for MacLean's Magazine and Catharine Tunnacliffe,
Deputy Managing Editor of the Toronto Star, and Richard Crause, Host, "Reel to Real," for a lively discussion on "The Michael Coren Show."

Thursday September 18, 2008
Start: 00:55
End: 08:20

Details TBA


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Notable and Quotable

"Wendy Shalit’s first book, A Return to Modesty. . . created a storm when it was published nine years ago but whose influence can be detected in today’s campus chastity clubs, including here at Harvard. As a veteran of pro-sex feminism who still endorses pornography and prostitution, I say more power to all these chaste young women who are defending their individuality and defying groupthink and social convention. That is true feminism!"

— Camille Paglia, Harvard Feminism Conference Keynote, April 10 2008