The Good Girl Revolution


Tuesday July 31, 2007
Start: 11:00
End: 12:00

Wisconsin Public Radio / NPR interview with Wendy

Tuesday August 7, 2007
Start: 15:00
End: 16:00

Wendy will be the featured author on the Washington Post's Book World Live, Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 3:00 PM.

Submit your questions now and for a chance to have them answered in this real-time chat on Tuesday.

Monday August 13, 2007
Start: 09:00

Watch Wendy on a 'Girls Gone Mild' segment.

Thursday August 23, 2007
Start: 11:00
End: 11:20

Wendy will speak with host Shauna Rae.

Start: 14:00
End: 14:40

Talk of the Nation is a nationally broadcast show that has 2.7 million listeners, weekly.

Wendy will be discussing the modesty movement with Amy Dickinson, who writes the syndicated column “Ask Amy” for the Chicago Tribune.  The show will be taking calls from listeners.

Thursday September 6, 2007
Start: 16:30
End: 17:00

Read my blog post, entitled "Get Over it, Charlotte," for some thoughts on this interview. 

Friday September 7, 2007
Start: 10:00
End: 10:30

WAFX Morning Radio, Virginia

Monday September 17, 2007
Start: 16:45


Start: 18:00
End: 18:30

With host Aliya-Jasmine and questions from the audience. 

Thursday September 20, 2007
Start: 00:00
End: 00:15

Woman's Hour asks "Do young women feel pressured to be 'wild' or 'sexy' in a culture that sees 'modest' as dull?" Listen to this segment of Wendy with the BBC's Jenni Murray.

Friday September 21, 2007
Start: 19:00
End: 19:30

Read about the show

Details to follow ...

Sunday October 7, 2007
Start: 13:00

Details to follow ...

Tuesday October 23, 2007
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

Hosted by CEO Pennsylvania, the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh

Thursday October 25, 2007
Start: 12:00
End: 12:30

Radio Segment with Bill O'Reilly

Tuesday October 30, 2007
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

McMaster Health Sciences Centre Room 1A1

Questions & answers and book signing to follow

Cost: Free

Sponsored by:

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship (at McMaster University)

Thursday November 1, 2007
Sunday November 11, 2007
Start: 20:00
End: 21:00

Jewish Book Fair, Koffler Centre of the Arts,
4588 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON M2R 1W6
Cost: $10

Book signing to follow.

Open to the general public -- everyone welcome. 

416.636.1880 EXT 368 


Tuesday November 13, 2007
Start: 17:00
End: 19:00


Ethics and Public Policy Center
1015 15th ST, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

college campuses across the country report rising numbers of sexual
assaults, date rapes, and sexually-transmitted infections. And there is
reason to believe the "hook up" culture -- the prevalence of sexual
activity with "no strings attached" -- is affecting students’ mental

Wednesday November 28, 2007
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00

Details to follow.

Thursday December 6, 2007
Tuesday January 29, 2008
Start: 08:30
End: 10:00

Bethesda, Maryland.  

Details to follow.

Saturday March 1, 2008
Start: 00:00

Look for Wendy in the March 2008 issue of CosmoGIRL, in a story about young girls, sexuality, and the media.

Link to follow.

Friday April 11, 2008
Start: 00:15
End: 10:45

Wendy will speak on the  "Sex and the Modern Girl" panel at Harvard University,  at the  CGIS SOUTH BUILDING which is on 1730 CAMBRIDGE STREET.  Co-panelists include Katie Roiphe and Dan Kindlon. 

Sunday May 4, 2008
Start: 14:00
End: 16:00

Over 650 people are expected to attend.

More details to follow.

Thursday July 24, 2008
Start: 08:05
End: 08:45

Wendy will appear on Bill Bennett's live radio show, "Morning In America" for three segments and take calls from listeners. 

 Highlights from the show are still available here.




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Notable and Quotable

Wendy Shalit, on why tweens shouldn't have to look "sexy":  

"There is no longer any mystery or power to sex--it is just expected that everything will be sexual, and so nothing is. There is nothing to wait for, or to look forward to."